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Ixodes Holo

Ixodes Holo

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  • Paralysis Tick Prophylaxis for Animals
  • May help to reduce an acute reaction to a tick bite

Contains: Ixodes holocyclus 30C in Sucrose

Homoeopathic product without approved therapeutic indications

Instructions: Take one dose every 2 months during Tick Season.

Contains equal parts of:  Aconite 30C, Echinacea 30C, Hydrastis 30C, Hypericum 30C, Ixodes 30C, Lathyrus 30C, Ledum 30C

Please check animals daily for signs of Ticks

If the animal is bitten and displays symptoms, an acute remedy can be given (Tick Bite Combination) while seeking immediate Veterinary Advice.

Homoeopathic product without approved therapeutic indications


•   Take the remedy by placing 3-5 pilules in the animals mouth and let them dissolve there.

•   Alternatively, crush and mix with water and administer. Discard any excess.

•   If any pilules are dropped, they should be discarded. Do not return the pilules to the vial.

•   Avoid taking anything orally 10 minutes either side of taking the remedy.

•   Store homoeopathic remedies away from: direct sunlight, heat, aromatics, perfumes, disinfectants, medicine chests, televisions, computers, mobile phones and other sources of electromagnetic radiation. They are best stored in a cool, dark and and dry place.

 The Therapeutic Goods Administration deems Homeopathy to be low risk. The advice and product information listed is based on remedy pictures outlined in Homoeopathic Texts and Materia Medicas.

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