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energetic alignment process

energetic alignment process

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The Energetic Alignment process is dedicated to restoring functionality or natural way of operating. This is only the beginning of allowing you the power to align all areas of your life to your true nature.

Each week is building towards authentic empowerment  in a way that enables complete integration. The process is always the same and we have found at  the end of the treatment the feedback is very similar. Each person holds their blockages in different ways and parts of the body so the experience for each person is  unique.

Why 12 weeks?

It is important to know this is actually one treatment although there are 12 sessions.

Each session requires an integration of all bodies on all levels…….mentally; emotionally; spiritually; physically and environmentally.  As more of the natural energy of a person is made available and held, there will be aspects of a person’s ‘usual’ way of operating, (or often coping) which will change or detox.

This treatment is available if we have a practitioner in your area.

* prices may vary according to the practitioner.

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